eLearning solutions to take your training online

这些年来在会议室和教室里进行的所有培训可能对你有用, but taking it online will open you up to a range of benefits. 越来越多的澳大利亚企业和课程提供商正在转向电子学习,因为这是当今环境下最好的学习方式. As a leading software development firm based in Melbourne, Australia, 天博体育app安卓的独特定位可以帮助您过渡到最适合您的教学和培训需求的定制电子学习解决方案.

Why should you embrace online learning solutions?

如果你认为电子学习解决方案只适用于拥有整套培训课程的企业或供应商, you might want to reconsider. 无论你提供的正式培训是否只是员工入职第一天的基本入职培训, or a short introductory lecture to new students, custom eLearning solutions are capable of transforming even this. At 天博体育app安卓, 我们的高能力和才华横溢的教学设计师拥有必要的专业知识,为您的所有学习者提供一个引人入胜的学习体验.


其中一个最重要的原因是,澳大利亚的企业和课程提供商正在接受在线学习解决方案,它可以节省大量的成本. 我们的软件开发团队可以通过我们创新的在线学习解决方案来确保这一点, the exact same training can be provided to as many individuals as you like. 这意味着可以节省大量的外部培训师或董事会会议室和培训室的电力成本, just to name a couple.

Convenience and flexibility

通过完善的在线学习解决方案进行在线培训,意味着您的员工和学生能够随时随地访问并完成他们的课程, including in transit to and from work. 这意味着你不需要专门的办公时间或课程时间来教学和培训你的员工, 如果他们需要在各种各样的话题上接受指导,可以举办不同的会议.

No compromise on productivity

天博体育app安卓的在线学习解决方案将为提高生产力带来的奇迹值得一试. Firstly, 因为电子学习已经被证明是理解和保留信息的一种更有效的方法, 在网上完成同样的训练所花费的时间要少得多. 你的学习者将能够更快地继续完成剩下的工作. In addition, if one of your senior staff members is carrying out the training, 想象一下,如果新员工或学生接受电子学习解决方案的培训,他们可以更好地利用多少小时.


我们独特的在线学习解决方案提供独特的好处,您的面对面培训没有-你, as the manager or department head, 是否能够在方便的时候跟踪学习者的培训进度和他们理解的深度. 电子学习解决方案帮助您瞄准培训方法的弱点,从而提供更快改进的机会.

天博体育app安卓’s innovative eLearning solutions

With our years of experience as Australia’s premier software development company, 我们在天博体育app安卓设计的交互式在线学习课程,专门为澳大利亚的培训环境开发. 我们的课程完全符合在线学习的核心元素,如互动, animations, gamification, stories, themes and scenarios to keep your learners engaged. 我们还会非常小心地确保我们的每一个在线学习解决方案都是针对您的特定电子学习需求量身定制的. 在开发符合最高电子教学标准的定制课程之前,我们会详细分析每个客户的需求. You can be assured of tangible outcomes for your business.

The approach we utilise in our custom eLearning solutions is learner-centric and draws on decades of experience in this industry.

“我们在提供端到端的定制在线学习解决方案方面有着良好的记录, of superior quality, and are perfectly suited to your specific business environment. ”

    Custom eLearning course development

    我们同意为不同的培训目的回收课程,这违背了让每门课程都适合你的学习者的想法. At 天博体育app安卓, 我们向您保证定制的电子学习课程开发完全量身定制,以满足您的确切需求. 无论你的动机是什么,你都要转变为在线学习解决方案, our development team can cater to your unique requirements.

    eLearning Course Development

    Properly defined and conceptualised to sync with your learning procedures. 天博体育app安卓’s qualified eLearning Course development team craft informative, effective online courses for learners within the budget.

    Learning Management System (LMS)

    我们的定制电子学习解决方案还包括一个有效的学习管理系统软件,使您能够跟踪, 根据您的需求监控和高效地提供当代和最新的电子学习课程. Not only is our software easy to use, 我们还为您提供在实现和使用我们的LMS过程中可能需要的任何支持.

    Interactive eLearning Experiences

    完全交互式的在线学习选择,对您的学习方法产生巨大的影响. Our in-house team uses Articulate, the world’s favourite authoring tool, 专注于开发吸引人的、有创意的内容,提供更多的效果和设计,让你的受众会爱上这些内容.

Why the 天博体育app安卓 approach is right for you

我们的整个电子教学解决方案开发团队由专家组成,他们对重新发明你的教学充满热情, training and learning methods. Our custom eLearning solutions promise to provide a fun learning environment, and are the perfect tools for your instructional methods. We guarantee:

  • Free consultation with our eLearning team of experts
  • Customised and simplified eLearning solutions
  • Reduced cost to deliver content
  • No per user license fee
  • Faster content delivery
  • On demand access
  • Reduced learning times
  • Consistent branding and user experience
  • Proof of completion and certification
  • Reduced environment impact
  • 24/7 access to our support system
Custom eLearning Solutions

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